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About KaaiKaas

The development of technology has brought differences in our life. It changes the way people work, the way people live, and the way people treat each other. Our life is, somehow, completely dependent on technology. We, the team of designers, developers, coders and tech enthusiasts are devoted to cultivating time in research, hard work and most importantly- technology to deliver great products. We're always concentrated in working in accordance with the client's needs. We provide personalized service with dedicated account managers and the technical support team who've always gone out of the box to understand and fulfill an organizational/individual need on digital issues. We've made sure to effectively solve the problems faced in everyday working environments. We give our clients a holistic package under. If make sure to provide the good solution for the clients to ensure that the website is SEO-friendly, AdSense optimized and many more.

Where we began

Even the journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. The stories of Microsoft and Appleā€™s started at a garage while ours, started in a teashop. The random discussion of 4 young high schoolers regarding the VR Glass got diverted which led to the birth of KAAIKAAS. The journey of four friends, who wanted to start-up an organization having creativity and passion implanted in the core. We knew where we needed to reach and how the company is expected to be operating. As time filed by, our team now, has fabulous, creative, devoted, fun loving and passionate individuals who added their charm in the organization to help KaaiKaas reach where it is today.

Our Team

We are a group of people giving your business a jumpstart by going through the digital market. By the help of our wornderful and experienced team we can have your business a good jumpstart.

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Atul Prajapati

Kaushal Wagle

Chairman , Co-founder

Atul Prajapati

Prashanna Nepal

Frontend Developer

Atul Prajapati

Kushal Wagle

Co-Founder, Head Engineer

Atul Prajapati

Bishal Mahat

Project Manager, Co-Founder

Atul Prajapati

Yogesh Bhattarai

Web Designer

Atul Prajapati

Devansh Agrawal

Creative Designer

Atul Prajapati

Sabhyata Nepal

Content Strategist

Message from Heads Of Departments(HoD)

Our head of the departmens have given a severe promise to jumpstart your business in the international platform.
Making your business come in rise through digital market.

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